Our Motivation

We are giving back control to the artists and the music creatives (producers, writers).

The music industry is currently wired to greatly disadvantage independent artists due to record labels ripping off young artists with shady deals and middlemen causing chaos by not delivering on their promises, expensive fees and lack of flexibility.

Lack of professional and reliable music marketing services inhibits growth and a huge barrier for an independent artist.

African music is now reaching new heights with well-deserved global recognition and it is being shaped by a new generation, aspiring for limitless possibilities at their fingertips. Our free digital music distribution, automated music marketing and branding services are made for them. We are here to shape the future of African music, come on a ride with us!

Our Team

The BoomKit team is made up of music professionals, marketers, software engineers and storytellers. A team of industry professionals that knows the Nigerian/African music industry in and out, who have worked with several Nigerian A list artists and underground artists for years. We know the current situation of the music industry and the exact tools/services an artist needs for unrestrained growth.

By combining culture, storytelling and technology in one company, we are able to help artists grow - no matter what stage of their career they are on.

At BoomKit, we’re a team of culture catalysts and we have one core belief: independence is essential not just for artists, but for the world at large.

Abiola H.


Mayowa A.

Social media Strategy

Tomisin S.

Creative Director

Ridwan J.